The importance of Statement of Purpose (SOP) or How to write a fruitful SOP

             The Essence of SOP

A student may wonder why he must write a Statement of Purpose if he/she is already sending an application. The Statement of Purpose or SOP is like a cover letter for the application letter. All Universities and colleges ask for a Statement of Purpose. The name itself conveys the meaning. The SOP helps colleges and universities to understand the applicant better. This helps them in deciding if the applicants are really interested in the program that they have applied for, their ability to pursue the program and complete it successfully, and whether they will be able to contribute significantly to the Institute.

A good SOP helps applicants to highlight their strengths and it attracts admissions officers who have to go through thousands of applications. Universities give a lot of importance to your SOP because it must tell them what your goal is, how you are going to achieve it and why you want to achieve that goal through this University. So this is possibly the best way to express your goals and achievements to impress the admission officers and faculty members of your discipline. SOP is meant to seek your vision, passion, and aptitude towards the subject. It lays down your short-term plans and long-term goals. It also draws your previous relation to the subject. The purpose of SOP writing, which is also called as a letter of intent, is to identify the understanding of the student about the subject, his clarity on the future goals after the course and his vision to contribute to the domain or the community.

For students wishing to study abroad, Statement of purpose writing is mandatory, especially for most of the top-notch colleges across the globe. It has also become a trend in Indian premium colleges. Reputed colleges or universities abroad ask for an SOP to understand the necessity of the candidate to study the subject opted for.

It is extremely important in college admissions, visa applications and even in job applications.

Writing impeccable personal statements increases your chances to secure admission in your dream university and the country. It is important that these dreams are realized and thus you must leave no stone unturned to create a draft that is readable, engaging, and purposeful

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