World Education Services and Canadian Universities


World Education Services (WES) is a non-profit company that was established in 1974 that offers credential evaluations for immigrants and international students who want to study or work in the US or Canada. Around 2,500 academic institutions and employers in North America accept the credential evaluations provided by WES, which is regarded as a market leader in this area

The aim of WES is to assist those who have obtained degrees or certificates outside of the US or Canada in understanding how these qualifications are recognized in these nations. The organization assesses academic credentials from more than 200 nations and offers a thorough report with details on the applicant's academic history, the validity of the certification, and the academic equivalent of the degree in the United States or Canada.

When a person sends their academic transcripts and supporting documentation to WES, the evaluation procedure gets started. The validity of the credential is then assessed after the documents have been reviewed by WES. After the credential's legitimacy has been confirmed, WES assesses it to determine whether it is equivalent in the US or Canada. The degree of education, the course of study, and the organization that granted the certification, and the academic standards of the nation where the certificate was obtained all play a role in this rating.

Academic institutions, employers, and immigration officials all use the evaluation report supplied by WES to ascertain a person's educational background. The WES evaluation report will provide information on the degree's equivalent in the United States or Canada, for example, if a person has a bachelor's degree in engineering from an Indian university. Academic institutions or employers can use this information to determine whether the person meets the educational requirements for a particular program or job.

Here are some universities in Canada that accept WES evaluations:

University of Toronto
York University
University of British Columbia
Ryerson University
University of Calgary
University of Alberta
McMaster University
Carleton University
University of Manitoba

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